Newsletter March 2018

God’s table


After years of persecution and war, David was finally recognised as king over all Israel. (2 Samuel 5:1-3)  In all that he had gone through, he had committed his life into God’s hand.  Even when given the opportunity to kill the Saul (1 Samuel 24:4 & 26:8-10), he refused to take matters into his own hand.  Rather than stretching out his hand against the LORD’s anointed, he left Saul’s judgment to God’s.  Now at last his time had come and he was able to enjoy the reward for all he had patiently endured.  Now he had time to sit and reflect on God’s faithfulness in His troubles and on the faithfulness of those who had helped him in his time of need.  And he remembered his promise to Jonathan to show kindness to him not only during his life time but also to his family after his death.   

     So David enquired: “Is there still anyone who is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”  And truly, there was one – Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, who was just five years old when his father Jonathan died in battle with his entire family (1 Samuel 31:6 & 2 Samuel 4:4).  When she had heard the news of Israel’s defeat at the hand of the Philistines, Mephibosheth’s nurse had quickly fled and, in the rush, she had dropped the child, injuring both his feet so that he became lame.  The poor child grew up alone and forgotten in a place called Lo Debar, which means “no pasture”.  There seemed to be no hope that anything would ever change for him – until one day David remembered his covenant promise to Jonathan.  As soon as David heard of Mephibosheth he had him brought to the palace. (2 Samuel 9:1-5)  

     We too were once lost, having no hope and without God in this world (Ephesians 2:12).  We had no part in the blessings of God, but through the New Covenant in his blood, Christ Jesus brought us who were once far off into his presence.  Just as David invited Mephibosheth to sit at his table and to eat of the king’s food for Jonathan’s sake (2 Samuel 9:9-11), God has invited us to partake of His blessings for the sake of His Son Jesus, who died for us so we could be cleansed from sin and brought into His holy kingdom. 

     As Christians we often struggle to understand that God has accepted us – just as we are.  Like Mephibosheth, we see ourselves as unworthy of His blessings.  We come to God in prayer expecting nothing from Him.  Why, after all, should the Almighty look upon such a dead dog as I?” (2 Samuel 9:8).  Yet we are accepted – not because of anything we have done, but because of God’s love by which He accepted us in His beloved Son Jesus. And because we are accepted by Him we are made worthy to receive from His table, which He has prepared for us. (Psalm 23:5)

     Jesus tells us that we should not worry about anything in this life.  The Father’s storehouse is full.  He knows what we have need of, and He is more than able to look after His children.  All He requires of us is that we believe in His promise and respond to His invitation.  All that He expects is that we make His kingdom the priority of our lives, and He will take care of everything else. (Matthew 6:32-33)  If God did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? (Romans 8:32) 

     Christ died so that we can live.  May God bless you, as you remember His death and His resurrection during this upcoming Easter season.  May all your worries fade away, as you trust in His unfailing grace.


Pastor Konrad

1 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 2AD